Our Vans

Fancy Flutes has two vans that we use up an down the country to put smiles on peoples faces. We have a converted VW camper and a small Piaggio Ape.

You may have seen Pepé our mobile bar driving around or at a festival or event. Well Pepé is our custom made 1969 early bay, transporter type 2 VW camper van. The van was registered in the UK in 1977 so it had a good 8 years out of the country exploring. The early bay models are one of the most sought after and famous campers going. The iconic design of the camper van always turns heads and our unique colour scheme and design really set’s the van apart. To think the van is almost 50 years old is crazy, it still looks as good today as it did when they first come out. We don’t know much about the van in it’s younger years, but we would like to think it spent many a happy days driving around Europe, going to festivals and providing magical memories for all those who owned it before us. The van is driven, we don’t put it on a flat bed or transporter. Beautiful and unique yes, fast, not so much!

Pepé our Prosecco van

Pepé has been specially converted to work as a mobile or pop up bar. The van is right hand drive and now has just 2 front seats, the rest is used for the bar. The roof raises and lifts up to provide clear headroom and this also acts as a menu board too. The left hand side of the van has been specially adapted to slide out so it can act as the bar. This is pretty unique and provides our staff with plenty of room to move around in which is handy when we are busy. Inside, there are two fridges, a freezer, a small sink and a cooler with a tap. There is a bit of storage space in the camper too and some spot lights that illuminate the roof once opened. Underneath the bonnet, our custom camper has had an upgrade too. The brake system has been completely overhauled and upgraded. It’s had a new exhaust, carb & ignition system have been updated to make him run better. As good as the older campers were, there has been a lot of improvements made since it was first manufactured all them years ago. Pepé has been used in several marketing campaigns previously by some very big brand companies and has gone down a treat wherever he has docked up.

Our second van, Valentina, is a very special 3 wheeled Piaggio Ape. She has been imported in to the country just for us and we have lovingly converted her to the Prosecco van you see today. Made in 2002, she is still a baby and has spent a few years zipping around Europe. She comes equipped with two taps for serving chilled Fizz and Peroni lager, a cooler, several shelves for storing those all important flutes, decorations and lighting. Unlike Pepé, Valentina does not drive on roads, she prefers to be chauffeured on our trailer or in the back of a van. It’s a hard life! The Piaggio Ape is much smaller in size (1.25m wide and only 2.6m in length) than our camper, making it ideal for smaller venues, indoor areas, shopping centres, back gardens or anywhere space may be a bit tighter.


Pepé and Valentina are available to hire for all your event needs, please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in our services.

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